VO Tip: Know when to slow down

Slow down in voice overs?In voice overs, there are often times when it is important to adjust the speed of your read. It doesn’t matter if the copy calls for a fast-paced, high-energy read or a slower, more thought-provoking one — during the course of the read you will need to slow down at certain times. But it’s knowing when to slow down that can make or break a read.

Here are the prime places to slow down when reading a piece of copy. Do so when saying:

  • the product’s name
  • the company’s name
  • the company’s slogan
  • the product’s good points

This might seem pretty straightforward. But keep this in mind when doing scripts that are more “story” based. In normal conversation we like to draw out the details of our daily adventures: who did what to whom, when and where was it done, and how much did it impact our perfect existence. But when voice acting a commercial script, these “story-telling” details should be covered with minimal fuss and emphasis. After all, you want the listener to dwell on the product and its benefits and not the great story leading up to the introduction of the product.