Voice over app: ProRemote LE

ProRemoteTwo questions for you: 1)Do you use Pro Tools, Apple Logic, or some other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software? And 2)Is your computer far away from your microphone? If you answered YES to both of these then you just might love ProRemote LE. This app allows you to wirelessly control almost any recoding software over a WiFi network using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!

You can have full control of up to 8 channels: mute, solo, select, record, pan, and sliders. You can even SEE your input volume levels in real time! Start, stop, play, and record all from the palm of your hand. In a word: That’s damn sweet!


I recommend the LE version because the full version supports 32 channels and a whole bunch of other bells and whistles that voice actors really don’t need at a price that, well, makes one’s wallet weep. But luckily the LE version is the perfect fit at a good price.

ProRemote in my booth

So, with all the cool goodness of this app there must be a catch… and there is: currently it will only work if you are running the above software on a Mac (a Windows version is in the works, though.)

Grab it at the iTunes App Store

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