Voice over app: iSaidWhat?

iSaidWhat?I bet the developer never envisioned how his app would be used when he created iSaidWhat. Originally, this was supposed to be a gag app. But what happened was that voice over artists, singers, and other “vocal” people discovered that this app goes way beyond the whole gag concept — it is actually a very well thought-out and extremely powerful app for recording, editing, and exporting your final audio mix.

You can record, import, cut, arrange, and output your audio files via Email / WiFi / Facebook / Twitter / iTunes. You can adjust the sensitivity of the mic, cut snippets using a very precise zoomable waveform, combine snippets from multiple recordings, rearrange the order of the snippets, and even make your own Soundboard.


There are many, MANY apps on the market that record your voice. Some even claim that they are made specifically for musicians or voice over actors (yet don’t quite deserve that description). This app actually delivers what the voice actor needs.

Grab it at the iTunes App Store

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