This is AWESOME!

I just saw this posting on a job website and had to share it before it was taken down. Finally someone is speaking out! I did a quick edit on 1-2 things (plus removed the website’s name) but other than that it’s pretty much 100% as seen on the job website.

Please check it out!

We would like a voiceover artist to record something for us that we will be using to make money. Lots and lots of money. We would like someone who is very professional, gives credence and believability to our tin-pot organisation.

Our script is full of errors – you can fix it because you’re great with written English, right? And we would like you to provide us with as many edits as we can wring out of you before we cross the threshold where you might consider leaving us poor feedback.

We know we’ll find someone because there’s so many of you, so f**k you if you bid any near what we both know this job is *really* worth.

We have a budget of 6 acorns and some half-eaten Haribo sweets. What of it?

I will award this job at a convenient time for me but will probably be midnight your time and expect it done within 4 hours of awarding it. And if there is anything I can get away with pulling you up on, I’ll happily leave you dreadful feedback and mess up your ‘career.’

Good luck.

Yes, this is a parody… But every time you, as a ‘voice artist,’ bid on a job offering peanuts, you are devaluing the industry that little bit more and giving licence to the next guy who wants something that (if done well) has massive commercial value for absolutely nothing. Please, for the sake of all of us working these freelance sites, stick to your guns. Don’t let the cheapskates dictate the pace and protect all our livelihoods.”

All I can say is: AMEN!


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