My No-VO television commercial!

Here’s my latest appearance on TV! About a month ago I auditioned and landed a TV commercial gig for a travel agency here in Japan (did I ever mention that I currently live and work in Japan? I didn’t? Oops! 😉 ) Anyway, it just aired today both on TV and on the travel agency’s website. It’s part 1 in a series of four commercials. I’m in the first two, but so far only the first commercial is on TV.

Now, unfortunately, there’s a huge image covering my face, kinda like in the movie, Monsters Inc. But you can see my eyes and my freshly cut hair (if that’s any consolation.)

Oh well…

I’m the only ‘white guy’ in a sea of Japanese faces wearing a black and white plaid shirt, which, much to my disappointment, makes me look fat 🙁 (but don’t people look bigger on TV anyway?)

It took about 4 hours of filming just to make this 15 second spot. Here it is:

Here’s the translation :

“We found it! We found it! We found a vacation we’d like take!”
(Then the Japanese VO mentions that it’s the travel agency’s big “Thank You!” sale and gives an example of a trip to Italy.)
The song ends with: “In this morning’s newspaper!”
The VO ends with: “You can also make reservations on the Internet.”


  1. Hey David,
    Long time no see! And I still can’t see you. Hoping to see you and yours this summer. When is the other commercial coming out?

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