FYI: If the blog looks funny…

Mixed upI’m giving everyone a heads up. During this week I’ll be updating the design of VAN. Which means that sometimes the blog might look slightly off, sometimes things will be floating around in the wrong places, and if you’re using an older browser (namely, Internet Explorer 6 or lower) then it might just be a complete catastrophe until I can get the bugs worked out.


Most of the basic redesign is complete. Now it’s just a matter of checking it out on other browsers and making tweaks.

So far, so good…


  1. Michael:
    Thanks for the compliments! 😀
    There’s never a dull moment around my place. If “idle hands are the devil’s playground” then I must be ready for sainthood. 😉

    Jim Dunn:
    If my website design skills could make me sound like Don LaFontaine, I’d have already done it! 😉 But on the serious side, I like the sound of my voice just the way it is. 😀

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