Believability AND clarity in voice overs

Believability AND clarity in voice actingThe word was “draperies”, and it was part of a simple 15 second spot for a furniture store. As I diligently listened back to my most recent practice session I heard a major fumble. The pacing of the other words was fine. But when I said the word “draperies” I kinda flew through it, just like I normally say it when speaking naturally.

There are times when I’m sounding so natural that I slur certain words too much. And so, in order to improve, I needed to listen carefully to my practice sessions to discover which words I “naturally” fumble or slur so I can clean them up.

All voice acting coaches will tell you to record and listen back to your practice sessions. Take that advice to heart and do it — religiously. Listen not only for believability, but also for clean pronunciation of every single word.