Well, as the name implies, it’s my notebook — my ever-growing online notebook about voice acting and what it takes to become a solid voice over actor.

As I work towards my goal of becoming “the greatest thing since sliced bread was advertised on the radio” I religiously write down everything that I learn in my in my trusty spiral notebook. I’d even take the juicy parts of books on voice acting and voice overs and write them down as well (wouldn’t want to leave anything out, now would we? :wink:)

Now, as I look through my notebooks (yeah, I filled up a few of them) I see that there is a lot of information that I’d like to save. Writing them out using a word processor would be good — but blogging about them would be even better!

So, within the pages of Voice Actor’s Notebook (VAN for short) you’ll find everything I’ve ever learned about becoming a voice over actor since I began this amazing journey. And, as with any worthwhile endeavor, the learning never stops, and so the content on VAN will continue to grow as I do.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy Voice Actor’s Notebook!
David Radtke